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Implant Restorative Solutions
  Restorative Cleansing Gel
Liquid Magic
GoCHx Gel - 0.8% Syringeable Chlorhexidine Gel
Syringeable Cleansing Gel. Use on all final restorations, including implant abutments and components prior to insertion.
  Abutment Access Protection "Plug"
Liquid Magic
Liquid Magic Resin Barrier
For Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry
Protects and "Plugs" the Abutment screw and access hole from composite and cement.
  Implant Cement
ZERO-G Bio Implant Cement
- Permanent Cementation with Retrievability for Implant Retained Restorations and All Provisionals.
- Highest Radiopacity - Best Cleanup and Removal of Excess Cement even when FULLY cured.