TAUB Products Company History:

Started in the 1930's, George Taub Dental Ceramics Laboratories specialized in the design and creation of bridgework and porcelain crowns. Owned by George Taub, a master dental technician, the company excelled in creating new standards and procedures that increased the quality of the finished lab work. This was accomplished by developing innovative new products that shortened the time it took for the lab process to be completed and increased the quality of the restoration. The development of Minute Stain temporary stains in the late 1940's, not only increased quality and productivity for the lab, but also for the dentist in chairside temporary and permanent restorations.

The potential for new products were fully realized in the 1950's when George Taub Products was created and the products were marketed to labs and dental offices nationwide and then globally in the 1960's. Using his in-house lab, George Taub tested products for opaquing metal under acrylic and developed Tru-Paque in 1953. He then developed Hydroxyline Calcium Hydroxide liner in 1956 for dentists needing a better lining solution under amalgam fillings. In 1959, a precursor to Tru-Fit Die Spacer was created called Tru-Opaque to fill the need for South American customers looking to add Gold or Silver BLING to the dentures or partials in their mouth. Tru-Fit was eventually developed in the early 1960's as a Die Spacer for crown model buildup. In 1968, the need for a material to improve the bond strength for composites used during porcelain repair led to the development of Fusion silane primer. These developments led George Taub Products to the forfront of the dental industry.

In the Mid 1970's, George Taub's son, Lawrence Taub, the current owner and president, sarted working for the company. Developing new product lines such as Bright Spot, Tru-Blue, Smart Spacer, Perfectone Molds, along with forging a long standing partnership with Blazer Products as a master distributor, he has helped grow sales through various channels and dealer networks world-wide.

In the Mid 1980's, Lawrence forged a relationship with Morris Taft, the founder of Perfectone Molds Co. He designed flexible PVC plastics single and 2-part molds for creating a quick way for the lab owner and dentist to manufacture wax pontics and temporary bridges and single shell teeth.

After successfully distributing Perfectone Molds through out the 1980's and 1990's, Taub aquired the company in 1997 and has been steadily improving exposure through a fully redesigned website, Facebook and other electronic and print media streams.

Jordan Taub, a 3rd generation family member started working for George Taub Products & Fusion Co, Inc. in 2004. As VP of operations and development, he has transformed and upgraded all systems and standards to utilize 21st century technology, streamlining operations and increasing productivity, sales and customer service support.

In 2010, Taub purchased Trident Dental Instruments from the Family of Thomas Kennedy after he passed away earlier that year. Trident offers high end stainless steel surgical and dental instruments such as, extractors, rongeurs, root elevators, forceps, suture scissors with standard as well as unique custom designs. These products will help Taub grow sales and diversify into an every changing dental market.

Steven Taub is a 3rd generation family member who started working for Taub Products in April 2012. He is a nephew to Lawrence Taub and first cousins to Jordan. He is an intergral part of our accounting and sales team. Responsible for fielding customer service calls, data entry for AP and AR, running system reports and light manufacturing, he helps keep this ship running smoothly.