About Us: The People who make things run.

Name: Lawrence Taub
Position: President
Education: Rutgers College with a BA in Liberal Arts and a BS in Chemical Engineering. Stern NYU Business School with a Masters in Finance.

Bio: Lawrence Taub, a 2nd Generation and the current owner and president, sarted working for the company in the mid 1970's. Developing new product lines such as Bright Spot, Tru-Blue, Smart Spacer, Perfectone Molds, along with forging a long standing partnership with Blazer Products as a master distributor, he has helped grow sales through various channels and dealer networks world-wide.

He is happily married to Joan Taub and has two children, Jordan Taub, who works for the company as Vice President and Jamie Taub, who is a lawyer at Bud Larner in Short Hill, NJ.
Name: Jordan Taub
Position: Vice President
Education: University of Vermont - BA in Art Studies and Graphic Design. MBA at the Business School of Hard Knocks.

Bio: Jordan Taub, a 3rd generation family member started working for George Taub Products & Fusion Co, Inc. in 2004. As VP of operations and development, he has transformed and upgraded all IT systems and standards to utilize 21st century technology, streamlining operations and increasing productivity, sales and customer service support.

Before he started working for TAUB Products, he was an Art Director at Mothernature.com and freelance designer, building Corporate brands and web identies for companies in the Tri-State and Northeast.

Jordan is happly married to Eve Schott Taub and are collectively the Schottaub's. They are expecting a daughter this June 2013.
Name: Steven Taub
Position: Administrative / Sales Associate
Education: Rutgers University - BA in ITI.

Bio: Steven Taub, a 3rd generation family member started working for Taub Products in April 2012. He is a nephew to Lawrence Taub and first cousins to Jordan. He is an intergral part of our accounting and sales team. Responsible for fielding customer service calls, data entry for AP and AR, running system reports and light manufacturing, he helps keep this ship running smoothly.